Graduate Coordinator

The Graduate Coordinator is appointed by the Chairperson after consultation with the Graduate Studies Committee and the Graduate Faculty.  The appointment is for a three year term and is renewable. The Coordinator must be a full member of the Graduate Faculty holding the rank of Associate or Full Professor.  The Graduate Coordinator chairs (votes only to create or break a tie) the Graduate Studies Committee and oversees the operation and development of the Department's graduate programs.  Among the duties of the Graduate Coordinator are:

  1. Supervise and coordinate admissions into the Department's graduate programs.
  2. Recommend to the Chair, with the advice of the Graduate Studies Committee, the awarding of graduate assistantships and teaching fellowships.
  3. Serve as a Departmental representative to the College of Arts & Sciences, Graduate Council and University Graduate Faculty.
  4. Serve as liaison to the School of Biomedical Sciences.
  5. Conduct performance evaluations of graduate student teaching.
  6. Implement the current policies of the Department's graduate programs and of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  7. Maintain and process graduate student records and inform students of their standing and progress toward degrees.
  8. Conduct reviews and make recommendations on Graduate Faculty membership.
  9. Initiate and coordinate changes and improvements in graduate curricula, requirements, and programs.
  10. Chair meetings of the Graduate Faculty.
  11. Act as advisor for the Department's Graduate Student Council.
  12. Approve individual investigations and special topics at the graduate level.