The Graduate Studies Committee

The GSC consists of five members:

  1. Four members elected from and by the graduate faculty.  There should be two members for each graduate study concentration within the department (Ecology/ Evolutionary Biology/Systematics and Neurobiology/ Molecular & Cellular/ Physiology). 
  2. The President of the Biology Graduate Student Council.
  3. The Graduate Coordinator, who serves as Committee Chair.  He/she votes to create or break a tie and on graduate admissions and recommendations for awarding assistantships.

The graduate student member of the committee has voting rights on policy issues, but does not have voting rights on graduate admissions and awarding of assistantships. 

This committee assists the Graduate Coordinator with the oversight and development of the graduate program.  Evaluating applications for admissions and evaluating and recommending candidates for graduate appointments are the responsibility of this committee.  This committee is responsible for monitoring the progress and academic performance of graduate students.  Proposals for new graduate courses, changes in course content, and related curricular matters are dealt with by the committee.  The GSC serves as the Student Academic Complaint Committee for graduate students (See Section III, B4).