Load Hour Equivalencies

  1. Lecture Courses:  In lecture only courses, each semester credit hour in the course counts one semester credit hour toward the 24 credit hours load per academic year.  Instructors of large classes are eligible for up to 1 additional credit per semester.  For classes with a one credit “Writing in Biological Sciences” section, the faculty will receive 1 lecture credit. It is possible, when appropriate, for faculty to bank hours for a certain period of time in cases were an atypical load is necessary in a particular semester.
  2. Lecture/Laboratory Courses: Lecture/Laboratory Courses: In lecture/laboratory courses in which the faculty member has full responsibility for both areas (no G.A. or lab technician), the faculty member will receive full credit for the lecture portion of the course and 1.0 times the contact hours for each laboratory section of the course.  Thus, a four semester credit hour course with three credit hours for lecture and one credit hour for a three contact hour laboratory will receive a total semester credit hour equivalency of six for teaching both lecture and lab portions of the course.   An additional 1 credit hour equivalency may be earned for laboratory preparation that is performed solely by the faculty member when there is no GA or other technical assistance.
  3. Lecture/Laboratory Courses: In lecture/laboratory courses in which the faculty member has full responsibility for the lecture and only partial responsibility for the laboratory portion, the faculty member will receive full credit for the lecture portion.  In cases where the faculty member has responsibility for instructing graduate assistants in proper teaching technique, in proper use of instrumentation and equipment, and other related laboratory activities the faculty member may receive one semester hour equivalent for the course.  In such cases, the faculty member is expected to schedule weekly meetings with lab instructors.
  4. Laboratory Instruction:  In lecture/laboratory courses, a faculty member who does not teach in the lecture portion of the course will receive semester credit hour equivalents for teaching laboratory sections of the course.  The semester credit hour equivalency is based on the formula of 0.75 times the contact hours for the laboratory.  Thus, a faculty member in this case would receive 0.75 times three contact hours for teaching a laboratory section in a multiple laboratory section course (i.e., 0.75 times 3 contact hours = 2.25 semester credit hour equivalents).  For each laboratory section taught by a faculty member, an additional office hour per week is required.


Instruction Load Gradient for Tenured Faculty

Kent Campus


Approximate workload equivalents for instruction per AY1

Grad Faculty Status




Major extramural research funding and extremely active research program.



Extramural research funding and/or strong recent funding history, and active research program.


F4 or F3

Active research program, reasonable funding history, actively and consistently seeking funding with a demonstrable chance of success.


F4 or F3

Research program with some activity but no significant grant activity (long lag in funding, relatively few submissions of major proposals, etc.).

15 and higher

A2, A1 or none

Minimal research activity, if any

1These credits include credits from lecture and credits for laboratory teaching for faculty teaching entire laboratory sections. 

Note: Credits for PRT (purchased release time) and adjunct service hours (e.g., undergraduate coordinator) may be taken from the lecture totals when appropriate and necessary.


Approved BSCI, May 20,2005

Approved Dean Arts and Sciences and Provost, #######