Merit Evaluation Criteria and Processes

            As stated in the Principles for the Evaluation and Reward of Faculty Scholarship, the Department of Biological Sciences criteria for the evaluation and reward of faculty scholarship have as their foundation the scholarship of  research, teaching, and service.  The procedure used by the Department in evaluating faculty merit involves close interaction between the Chair and the FAC in arriving at a single merit recommendation for each faculty member.  The goal of this procedure is for the Chair and the FAC to reach agreement on the Department's merit recommendations which are then forwarded to the College.  The procedure used in this evaluation is given below.

            Areas of merit consideration are research, teaching and service.  Faculty may apply in one or more categories. Each faculty member who applies must provide documentation for consideration.  Student Evaluations of Teaching results are provided by the department for the merit review period.

            Members of the FAC review the files independently and rank candidates following the Principles for the Evaluation and Reward of Faculty Scholarship document.  Each FAC member's ranking is collated into a matrix showing average ranking for each candidate in each category.  This matrix is returned to FAC members for review.  The Chair of the FAC convenes the FAC to develop a final composite ranking for the candidates in each category.  The FAC is to reach agreement on the final composite ranking.  Concurrently, the Chair reviews the files and ranks the candidates in each category.

            The Chair and FAC meet to share the respective rankings.  A full and open discussion of the two rankings (FAC composite and Chair) follows and a final Departmental composite ranking is developed.  The FAC and the Chair must agree on the Departmental ranking.

            The Chair and the FAC proceed to separate the rankings for each category into three or more groupings for candidates with like records.  The Chair and the FAC develop minimal merit amounts for each group within the merit pool available.  The amount for each category is dependent on the total merit funds available.  As a general guideline the Departmental merit pool is divided equally between research and teaching/advising/service when these are the two merit categories.  When there are three categories (research, teaching and service) the pool will be divided independently with these categories accounting for 50:30:20 percent respectively.  The Chair and the FAC discuss the amount to be requested from the College for each individual within each grouping.  The FAC may give the Chair the right to adjust requested amounts within each category group to match the total Departmental merit pool allocations.  Any unanticipated funds provided by the College merit pool after rankings have been submitted will be dispersed at the discretion of the Chair. 

            The Chair forwards the Departmental recommendation to the College.