Students, both undergraduate and graduate, are of primary concern to all faculty members, and students' academic needs are of primary importance to the Department of Biological Sciences.  General participate in various Departmental committees including the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Graduate Studies Committee, and those ad hoc committees where students' viewpoints are useful and desirable to know.  Student appointments to committees are made by the Chairperson after seeking the advice of the Faculty Advisory Committee and the faculty involved and affected by the committee's work.

1..        Advising

            Faculty should be willing to advise and counsel undergraduate and graduate students on academic matters.  General advising at the undergraduate level is coordinated by the Undergraduate Advisor who serves as the Departmental representative for College and University functions related to undergraduate activities.  Individual faculty members are responsible for providing academic counseling to undergraduate students assigned to them and to other undergraduate students who seek such advice.  Student advising at the graduate level is conducted by the student's "major professor" and their dissertation committee members.

2.         Cheating and Plagiarism

            The Department follows the definitions and policies in the UPR (UPR 3342-3-07).

3.         Student Grievance Procedure

            The Department follows the definitions and policies of the UPR (UPR 3342-4-16).

4          Transfer Credit Procedure

            Evaluation of undergraduate transfer credit in the Department of Biological Sciences is done by the Assistant to the Chairperson.  The Assistant to the Chairperson may consult with a faculty member who teaches the specific course or courses at issue.  Questions of transfer credit for other subject areas should be referred to the College Office.

            Evaluation of graduate transfer credit in the Department of Biological Sciences is done according to the process described in the current Graduate Schools Catalog.  Both masters and doctoral transfer credit may be accepted if the criteria are met and the student's adviser, the BSCI Graduate Studies Committee, and the graduate dean approve.