The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The UGCC consists of five members with the following distribution:

  1. Three members elected from and by the Kent Campus Faculty.
  2. One representative elected from and by Regional Campus Faculty.
  3. The Undergraduate Coordinator, who serves as the Committee Chair and votes only to break a tie.

The UGCC assists the Undergraduate Coordinator in supervising and coordinating the undergraduate program.  This committee makes recommendations on any matter affecting the undergraduate program of the Department such as faculty proposals for new courses, changes in course content, major requirements, and similar curricular matters.  The committee serves as the appellate unit for student appeals regarding course substitution.  The committee elects one member with full graduate faculty status to serve on the College Curriculum Committee.  If no member has full graduate faculty status, the candidate with full status having the next highest vote total will serve as an additional UGCC member and as a representative to the College Curriculum Committee.  Also, the UGCC serves as the Student Academic Complaint Committee for undergraduate students. (See Section III, B4).