Criteria for Promotion to Full Professor - All Campuses

For promotion to the rank of Professor, candidates are expected to  have  attained, beyond the achievements used to attain previous promotion, additional achievements in their area of scholarship, which should be demonstrated either in the publication of a second scholarly historical monograph based on original research, or the publication by a peer-reviewed publisher of a combination of previously published articles based upon primary sources augmented by new scholarship. The Department considers letters requested from outside experts who carry the rank of professor as the basis for the assessment of significance in these categories of scholarship.

Many factors and criteria, both subjective and objective, are considered in recommending a faculty member for tenure and advancement in academic rank. The overall evaluation of a candidate for tenure and promotion shall include consideration of the faculty member's personal integrity and professional behavior as recognized by the University community. A sound ethical approach to all aspects of teaching, research, publication, and the academic profession are expected of all who seek tenure and promotion in the Department.