Role of Regional Campus Program and Faculty

  1. Regional Campus Faculty relationships with Regional Campus Dean and Departmental Chair

    1. The relationship that Regional Campus Faculty have to the Department Chairperson and to the Regional Campus Dean is articulated in item 8-01-(1)-(5) of the University Register. As the Department has fewer than five Faculty at any Regional Campus, the duties of the Regional Campus Dean regarding History faculty are:

    a.    Determining need for Faculty in consultation with appropriate Regional Campus Faculty.
    b.    Recommending Faculty positions and salary ranges to the Associate Vice President for the Extended University.
    c.    Participation in recruitment of Faculty in cooperation with the department.
    d.    Recommending candidates to the Department Chairperson.
    e.    Recommending teaching loads consistent with policy.
    f.    Recommending class size consistent with policy.
    g.    Recommending schedule of classes to the Associate Vice President for the Extended University, after consultation with resident Faculty.
    h.    Assigning Faculty to non-elective committees and other activities associated with the operation of the Regional Campuses.
    i.    annual evaluation of the performance of Faculty members and, according to policy, nominations for promotion and tenure, and recommendation of other personnel action.
    j .    Recommending salary increases in cooperation with Department Chairperson to the Associate Vice President for the Extended University.

  2. Regional Campus Faculty Membership on Departmental Committees

    Regional Campus Faculty are included as members of the Departmental  Faculty Advisory Committee, Departmental ad hoc Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Committees, and all other Departmental committees to which they may be appointed by the Department Chairperson, and included as participants at Departmental meetings.

  3. Teaching Assignments and Load for Regional Campus Faculty

    For Regional Campus Faculty, teaching assignments and loads are determined by the Dean of the Regional Campus, in consultation with the Department Chairperson. Salary determination is the responsibility of the Dean of the regional Campus to which the Faculty member is assigned.