Table 2A

Kent Campus: Evaluation Components for Assessment of Scholarship for Reappointment review, Tenure (see Regional above), and promotion to the  Associate rank.
Scholarship Definition  Accomplishments  Corresponding to the Assessment Score



Accomplishments  Corresponding to the Assessment Score









Nationally/Internationally recognized research program

Publication of a historical monograph from an appropriate press after completion of a process of scholarly review.  Publication is defined as either "in press" -- meaning that the manuscript had been peer reviewed, revised, and is at least at the copy- editing stage -- or "in hand."




Very Good



Emerging nationally recognized research program

Demonstrated record of publications in the form of articles, chapters in books, Public History related presentations, translations, digital documentary presentations, and submitted grant (internal and external) applications.








Active research program

Emerging record of publication in the form of book reviews, encyclopedia articles, non peer-reviewed publications, submitted grant (internal or external) applications, conference presentations at meetings I seminars.




Limited research program

Internal presentations, local publications and/or meeting presentations.


No research program

No publications, presentations, or grants.