Curriculum Committee

The CC assists the Chair in supervising and coordinating the Department’s curricular programs. The CC makes recommendations on any and all matters which affect the academic programs of the Department including but not limited to faculty proposals for new courses, changes in course content, major requirements, and other curricular matters. The CC shall elect one (1) member with full graduate faculty status to serve on the College Curriculum Committee. If no member of the CC has full graduate faculty status, the candidate with full graduate faculty status who had the next highest vote total in the election of the CC will serve as an additional CC member and as the Department’s representative to the College Curriculum Committee. The Committee makes recommendations on all proposals related to courses, curricula, and programs in the Department. Proposals to establish, revise, or abandon courses, programs or requirements originate with the functional units or sub-units; proposals at the graduate level must be approved by the Graduate Studies Committee prior to Curriculum Committee action. Upon approval, the Committee transmits curricular proposals to the Associate Dean for Curriculum. The Committee maintains consistent overall educational standards in accord with the mission of the Department. The Committee coordinates the work of the units with respect to catalog copy, advising material, major/minor sheets, etc.

a. Membership

The Curriculum Committee consists of nine members: four faculty members from the Literature/Culture/Language functional unit representing that group’s four sub-units, two from the translation functional unit, two from the pedagogy functional unit; one from the Regional Campuses; one from the NTT faculty and one voting graduate student member. All members are elected each spring for a term of one academic year. Each of the represented groups shall convene during the spring semester to conduct elections to the Curriculum Committee and shall inform the Department Chairperson by memorandum of the name of the respective representative and alternate representative. The alternate representative shall attend meetings when the representative cannot. The student representative shall be selected by the graduate students in the Department and have full voting membership rights.

The Committee chair shall be the Assistant to the Chair or another faculty member elected by the Committee. The Committee chair shall provide members with an agenda for each meeting and circulate a copy for Departmental information. The Assistant to the Chair, Graduate Coordinator, Undergraduate Coordinator and the Director of the Institute for Applied Linguistics shall be ex officio non-voting members of the Curriculum Committee. These faculty members may, however, stand for election to the Committee.

b. Meetings

The Curriculum Committee shall meet regularly during the academic year and at least once per semester. Additional meetings may be called by the Committee Chairperson. The Chairperson shall take into consideration requests of any committee member for a meeting and shall call a meeting when at least half of the members of the Curriculum Committee request that a meeting be called. The Committee shall elect its own secretary for the purpose of taking minutes of each meeting. These minutes will be distributed to all Committee members; a copy of the approved minutes will be circulated in the Department for information purposes.