Curriculum Vitae

All faculty members are responsible for providing the Department with a current curriculum vitae in a standard form. When submitted as documentation for reappointment, promotion, or tenure, however, the curriculum vitae should include the following items as appropriate:

a. General information: name, address, telephone number.

b. Educational background: institutions, degrees, dates of attendance, thesis/ dissertation title(s) and name(s) of director(s), assistantships and/or fellowships, awards, recognitions, honors.

c. Non-academic work experience: titles, ranks, positions, etc., names of employers and dates of employment, time in each position, total years of experience other than academic.

d. Academic experience: present rank at KSU followed by other ranks at KSU, together with time in each rank, time in each rank elsewhere, total years service at KSU, total years service elsewhere, graduate faculty status.

e. Scholarly productivity and research (briefly annotated): books, chapters in books, articles (indicate whether invited, refereed or non-refereed), translations, textbook, edited book, review articles, reviews, notes, proceedings articles, essays, software, data files, contributions to electronic journals, journal editorship, management of professional electronic list server, unpublished translations and technical reports, papers read at professional meetings, refereeing for a scholarly journal or press, thesis or dissertation (co-)direction or committee membership, creative accomplishments (e.g., published original compositions, play production, etc.), research accepted for publication or in progress, grant proposals submitted and/or obtained.

f. Teaching: summary of courses taught, summary of student teaching evaluations, teaching recognition, awards.

g. Citizenship: summary of service to the Department, College University, or Community, including committee membership (including chair or other position), administrative assignments, student advising and other activities, community service.