Candidates for reappointment, tenure and/or promotion will provide the Department with a complete dossier which includes a current curriculum vitae and full documentation, properly and clearly organized and indexed. While the contents of this dossier are described in detail in each year’s statement of “Procedures and Policies Governing Review of Faculty” from the Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, the Department expects candidates to include the following items as appropriate:

a. Current curriculum vitae.

b. Department statement of criteria governing assessment of candidates for reappointment, tenure or promotion.

c. Chairperson’s evaluation of the candidate’s performance with respect to the various forms of scholarship; the Chairperson will include copies of all reappointment review letters and the original offer of appointment (in the instance of Regional Campus faculty, the Regional Campus Dean will forward the appropriate materials to the Department Chairperson prior to the deadline).

d. Candidates for tenure or promotion must submit to the Chairperson the names of five qualified individuals outside the University who will provide letters evaluating the candidate’s research and service to the discipline; accompanying the names will be a brief biographical sketch of each referee which may be drawn from entries in standard biographical sources. The Chair may also solicit additional letters from referees outside the University but must inform the candidate of the identity of these individuals. All referees must be informed that their letters will be available to the candidate and to review committees and administrative officers.

e. Documentation of teaching, including peer reviews and assessments by colleagues at KSU and elsewhere not on the committee, summary of student teaching evaluations with comparison to department norms for courses at the same level of instruction, summary of administrative evaluations, Chair’s summary statement, Dean’s summary statement, teaching awards or other recognition, academic advising and counseling experience and evaluations.

f. Documentation of scholarly publication and research, including refereed research and scholarly publications, including books, articles, chapters in books, reviews, technical reports, monographs, textbooks; non-refereed scholarly publications; record of work cited in other publications; papers presented with indication of whether invited or refereed; creative accomplishments, including published compositions and play productions (provide program); awards, recognitions and honors; grant proposals submitted and grants awarded; direction and co-direction of theses and dissertations; service on thesis or dissertation committees; instructional resource development.

g. Documentation of University, professional or public service, including committee or administrative assignments, student advising and counseling beyond a normal assignment, student recruitment, teaching or consulting outside the department, assistance with workshops, clinics and conferences; lectures, papers, etc., and other awards and recognition.