Employment Policies and Regulations

  1. Faculty Appointments

    Normally, an earned doctoral degree in a related discipline is required for all faculty appointments to a tenure-track position in the Department. Postdoctoral experience is preferred.

  2. Faculty Ranks

    The basic faculty ranks are the following:

    a. Instructor

    This rank is intended for persons initially hired with a master's degree. Normally, the Department does not hire at the rank of Instructor except for full-time non-tenure track (NTT) faculty positions.

    b. Assistant Professor

    This rank is normally the entry level rank for tenure-track faculty holding the doctorate in an appropriate discipline.

    c. Associate Professor

    Hire to or promotion to this rank presumes prior service as an Assistant Professor, significant academic achievements, and possession of the doctorate in an appropriate discipline (See, Section V of this Handbook).

    d. Professor

    Promotion to this rank requires credentials and achievements beyond those required for promotion to Associate Professor and is reserved for senior faculty members who have achieved significant recognition in their discipline (See, Section V of this Handbook).

    e. Research Associate and Research Assistant

    These ranks are reserved for individuals who are engaged in research and who are not normally assigned teaching responsibilities. Such positions are typically supported by extramural grant funds and are not tenure-track appointments. Faculty who hold these ranks do not vote on Department committees and do not participate in Department governance.

    f. Adjunct Faculty Appointments

    These appointments are held primarily by faculty from other institutions or persons on the staffs of community-based agencies and organizations. Adjunct faculty appointments are made at the discretion of the Chair in consultation with the FAC. Adjunct faculty members do not vote on Department Committees and do not participate in Department governance.

    g. Visiting Faculty Appointments

    Visiting faculty appointments at an appropriate faculty rank may be made when leaves of absence occur or special needs arise and funds are available. A visiting faculty member is typically a faculty member from another institution who is employed by the Department for a period not to exceed one (1) year. In the event that a Visiting faculty member is employed in that capacity for a second consecutive year, the visiting faculty member will then become a full-time non-tenure track (NTT) faculty member.

    h. Part-Time Faculty Appointments

    When the Department cannot meet its teaching needs from the ranks of its full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty, full-time non-tenure track (NTT) faculty and graduate students, part-time faculty appointments will be made from an established pool of qualified applicants not currently on regular appointment at the University.

    All instructors teaching on a part-time basis are appointed on contract semester by semester from a pool of qualified individuals. Candidates for the pool write a letter of interest, either in response to an advertisement placed by the Department in the University Job Opp listings and the local/regional media, or as an inquiry about a position. In addition, candidates submit an official copy of a university transcript attesting at least the equivalent of a master’s degree, together with a curriculum vitae/resume and three letters of recommendation regarding their teaching ability. Under certain circumstances a significant and distinguished teaching record in public or private schools can mitigate the requirement for a Master’s degree. The Chair will consult with the functional unit or sub-unit involved to determine a candidate’s eligibility for the part-time pool. Candidates must also demonstrate proficiency in the target language and potential for excellence in teaching. Since part-time instructors normally teach elementary and/or intermediate language courses, the file submitted will be reviewed by members of the language unit, and the candidate will be interviewed by one or more members of the Department to verify language skills and suitability for the position. As need arises, a contract will be issued to teach one or more courses in a given semester. Salary will be computed according to the department salary scale for part-time instructors when possible, but may be adjusted in cases of special expertise, superior qualifications or other situations as determined by the Chair.

    Part-time instructors will be reappointed and contracts issued for any subsequent semester based on Department need and the instructor’s satisfactory performance as determined by a combination of student evaluations, peer reviews and review by the appropriate area coordinator(s). Part-time instructors are expected to maintain teaching excellence and to adhere to all University, College, and Departmental policies and regulations regarding instruction and evaluation of student work.

    Whereas the governance roles of tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty are regulated by their respective collective bargaining agreements, no such University-wide basis exists for part-time instructors.

    i. Graduate Faculty Status

    As a graduate degree granting department, the Department normally requires that all faculty hired for tenure-track positions be eligible for appointment to the graduate faculty as associate or full members. The Administrative policy regarding graduate faculty is included in the University Policy Register. (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-15.1)