Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

The FAC is structured and operates as described in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The FAC is elected directly by the full-time Faculty of the Department as defined in subhead III A Definition of the Faculty above. The FAC elects one (1) member to act as the Department representative to the College Advisory Committee (hereinafter “CAC”) The FAC, in concert with the Chairperson, may study any matter relevant to the Department’s interests and operations. In its advisory and recommendatory role it will endeavor to assist the Chairperson to identify problems, seek suggestions, reconcile opinions, search for solutions, and keep the Department as a whole informed about Departmental matters.

Each spring term the FAC shall review all full-time tenure-track Department faculty members below the rank of Full Professor and nominate candidates for promotion.

a. Membership

The Department Chairperson shall be an ex officio non-voting member of the FAC and shall call and preside at FAC meetings. The Assistant to the Chairperson, the Graduate Coordinator, the Undergraduate Coordinator and the IAL Director are ex officio non-voting members of the FAC. These faculty members are, however, eligible to stand for election to the Committee.

The Faculty Advisory Council utilizes a “senatorial” model where each of the three functional units has an equal number of representatives. This model stresses equity among the units and serves to promote consensus-building and collaborative governance. The FAC shall consist of up to 14 voting members elected from the Faculty each spring for a term of at least one semester but no more than one academic year. The committee will be constituted so as to reflect the organization of the Department, namely four members from each functional unit, one member from the Regional Campuses, and one member from the Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty. The four representatives from the literature/culture/language unit each represent one of that unit’s constituent sub-units, (1) the BA in Classics, BA in Latin, MA in Latin; (2) the BA in French, MA in French; (3)the BA in German, MA in German, and BA in Russian; and (4) the BA in Spanish and MA in Spanish. Each of the functional units (or, in the case of the literature/culture/language unit, the sub-units) shall convene during the spring semester to conduct elections to the FAC and shall inform the Department Chairperson by memorandum of the name of the respective representatives and alternate representatives. The contingent of representatives elected to the FAC should reflect the unit’s internal governance structure. The alternate representative shall attend meetings when the representative cannot. In the event a functional unit cannot elect a full slate of four candidates to the FAC, the Chair will be informed in writing.

b. Meetings

The FAC shall meet at least twice per semester. The Department Chairperson sends a FAC agenda to all committee members and shall circulate a copy for Departmental information. Additional meetings may be called by the Department Chairperson. A meeting of outgoing and incoming members shall be held in May. The Chair person shall take into consideration requests of any member of the FAC for a meeting and shall call a meeting if at least half of the members of the FAC request that a meeting be called.

The FAC will normally be consulted as to the agenda for Department meetings, and will have the opportunity to make recommendations for the agenda by submitting a written request with an outline of the suggested topic to the Department Chairperson or any member of the FAC. Minutes of all meetings shall be distributed to Faculty. Department members may request an appearance before the FAC on any issue.