Faculty Leaves

All leaves, sponsored or unsupported, personal or professional, are subject to the approval of the Chair, the Dean and the Provost. It is the responsibility of faculty leaving the Kent area for an extended period of time (e.g., during sabbatical or research leave) to keep the Department informed concerning address(es) and/or telephone number(s) where the faculty member can be reached.

                University leaves include but are not limited to:

                1.        Research leaves (See UPR 3342-6-11.8 ).

                2.        Leaves of absence without pay (See UPR 3342-6-11.9).

                3.         Faculty professional improvement leaves (See UPR 3342-6-12).

                4.        Research/Creative Activity appointments (See UPR 3342-6-15.3).

Faculty members receiving sabbatical leave or research grants are in general released from obligations such as Assistant to the Chair, Unit or Advising Coordinator, and committee member, but may continue with these duties if they wish. Faculty whose position involves activities essential to the functioning of the Department on a regular basis (advising, committee chair, etc.) are expected to consult with their Unit(s) and notify the Department Chairperson in a timely manner for temporary assumption of those duties. Should their availability permit, however, tenured faculty may be requested to be available to assist the FAC with personnel matters, especially in connection with evaluations of pre-tenure faculty and candidates for promotion. Faculty whose research activities are likely to prevent availability are expected to provide the Department Chairperson with timely notification of this situation (i.e., no later than the end of the semester prior to the leave).