Graduate Studies Committee

A. Membership
The Graduate Studies Committee consists of eight full-time faculty members of the Department with regular associate or full graduate faculty status elected at large and the Graduate Coordinator, as an ex officio member. One graduate student with full voting rights in all matters except those involving personnel will be selected by the graduate students in the Department.

B. Responsibilities and Functions
The Graduate Studies Committee examines graduate courses and course proposals, curricula, and programs in the Department with a view to creating and maintaining consistent overall educational standards.
The Committee formulates policy for both the on-site and online programs with respect to student recruitment and marketing, graduate degree requirements, graduate admissions and conditional admissions, graduate student advising, evaluation of graduate student progress, requirements for good standing in the graduate program, dismissals, and the grading system in graduate courses, subject to review by the FAC before the end of the semester in which such policy is formulated. Policy will take effect unless the FAC notifies Graduate Studies of its objections. All Department committees are advisory and recommendatory to the Chair.
The Committee reviews proposals for changes in graduate curricula and programs, and transmits approved changes to the Department Curriculum Committee.
The Committee ensures that students are exposed to the research and scholarly opportunities available.
The Committee periodically reviews and prepares, as required, updated descriptions of graduate programs, courses and outcomes for the Graduate Catalog.
The Committee provides graduate program outcomes assessment data to the Chair in a timely fashion for inclusion in the Department’s annual outcomes assessment reports.
The Committee recruits, evaluates and recommends new applicants for admission to the graduate program in consultation with the appropriate Programs; evaluates and recommends newly admitted and continuing students for graduate assistantships and fellowships in the context of the Department budget in consultation with the appropriate Programs; ensures that new graduate students make an efficient academic transition to the graduate program at Kent State University; provides guidance to graduate students; and certifies to the Department Chairperson the completion of the graduate degree requirements by each candidate for a graduate degree.
The Committee also recommends effective means of evaluating and documenting the teaching and other duties of each graduate assistant or doctoral fellow in consultation with the Graduate Studies Coordinator and/or the appropriate language coordinator. In addition, the Committee reviews and evaluates each graduate student with respect to academic and non-academic standing and nominates students for departmental honors and awards.

C. Meetings
The Graduate Coordinator calls and chairs meetings of the Graduate Studies Committee. The Graduate Studies Committee shall meet regularly during the academic year and at least once per semester. The Graduate Coordinator shall take into consideration requests of any member for a meeting and shall call a meeting when at least half the members request that a meeting be called.
The Committee shall elect its own secretary for the purpose of summarizing the discussion and transactions of each meeting. A copy of these summaries shall be distributed to the Degree Program Unit Coordinators, the Departmental Chairperson, and the Assistant to the Chair.