The Institute for Applied Linguistics

The Director of the IAL administers the unit. The Institute Director reports directly to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The Dean appoints the Director of the Institute. The Director must hold a full-time faculty appointment in Modern and Classical Language Studies, be a faculty member of the IAL, and have professional experience in a subject area within the purview of applied linguistics. Promotion, reappointment and other reviews related to the incumbent’s faculty status are conducted within the appropriate academic Department. The IAL Director is an ex officio member of the MCLS Faculty Advisory and Curriculum Committees.

The Director calls regular meetings of the Institute Faculty to determine Institute policy and strategic objectives. The IAL faculty and Director coordinate policy with the appropriate functional units and sub-units in the Department through official liaison with the appropriate coordinators or Directors. The IAL Director is not the administrative head of the Translation Unit in MCLS but may assume certain administrative duties for that Unit at its behest.