Procedures for Obtaining and Filling Non-Tenure-Track Positions

In consultation with the FAC, the Department Chairperson will establish need for any additional non-tenure-track faculty and draft a description of the position to be filled. The Chairperson will seek administrative authorization to fill the position; upon obtaining authorization, the Chairperson will post and advertise the position. The FAC will designate an ad hoc Search Committee which will work in close collaboration with the Department Chairperson and the FAC. The Search Committee will establish more specific procedures suited to the position and the candidates, if need be. If possible, the Chairperson and (an) appropriate designate(s) will conduct preliminary interviews.

Evaluation of dossiers and interviewees will focus on the characteristics directly related to matters specified in the position description. This evaluation will result in a list of finalists who will be invited to campus to teach a class appropriate to the position and to participate in a formal interview with the Search Committee and other University representatives and officials as may be appropriate. Following the interviews, the Search Committee will make its recommendation to the Department Chairperson. The Chairperson will forward this recommendation to the Dean. If, however, the Chair finds the Search Committee’s recommendation unsatisfactory, a joint meeting of the Search Committee and the FAC will be called for discussion and resolution.

The Chairperson will be responsible for keeping candidates apprised of their status from the initial inquiry until an appointment, if any, is made. In the case of an affirmative decision, the Chairperson issues an Offer of Appointment specifying the effective date, academic rank, campus, anticipated salary, and instructional and related assignments equivalent to 15 credit hours per semester or 30 hours for the academic year.