Regional Campus Program and Faculty

  1. Tenure-Track Faculty

    The Department has an interest in maintaining quality instruction in the Regional Campus system as well as at the Kent Campus. For this reason, the Department Chair person, or a duly appointed representative, will participate in recruitment, and act on recommendation for appointment, of Regional Campus faculty candidates; stipulate particular courses which such faculty are approved to teach; recommend course content and grading standards; recommend materials, supplies, and equipment; recommend methods of instruction and test and examination procedures; recommend class size; and evaluate the academic performance of faculty annually. The Regional Campus Dean will determine salary, teaching load, and course assignments.

    While Regional Campus faculty members hold appointments specifically in the Regional Campus system, they are also regular members of the Department and of the College of Arts and Sciences. They will as far as practicable be represented on standing Department Committees, including (but not limited to) Departmental Faculty Advisory and Curriculum Committees; search committees; review committees; reappointment, promotion and tenure committees; and committees considering Departmental policy, instructional standards, or program development. The Departmental Chairperson bears the responsibility for assuring Regional Campus representation on these committees and consideration of Regional Campus interests when membership on any ad hoc committee is to be determined.

    Because of the circumstances outlined above, Regional Campus faculty members have a dual accountability. In matters involving course content and method of instruction and examination, they are accountable to the Department Chairperson; in all other matters they are accountable to the Regional Campus Dean.

    Faculty being considered for reappointment, tenure, and/or promotion will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the Regional Campus Handbook, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and Section V (in particular, paragraph D) of this document.

    The minutes of standing and other significant committees listed above shall be forwarded to Regional Campus faculty not serving on those committees.

    Regional Campus faculty shall be kept apprised of all developments relating to instruction on the elementary and intermediate levels. This includes (but is not limited to) prompt notification of any anticipated change in text, any additional instructional materials such as computer exercises, or special testing in which their students might participate. In particular, the Language Units shall be responsible for providing this notification in a timely manner through the Language Studies Advisor who functions as departmental liaison with the Regional Campuses. By the same token, language faculty on each Regional Campus offering foreign language instruction will designate one of their number to serve as liaison to the Basic Studies Coordinator on the Kent Campus. The Basic Studies Coordinator will request from the Dean of each Regional Campus a list of instructors and campus language course offerings at the beginning of each semester in an effort to coordinate the courses across the eight-campus system as far as practicable.

  2. Non-Tenure Track Faculty

    In consultation with the Department Chairperson, the Regional Campus Dean establishes the need for non-tenure-track faculty, drafts the job description, and conducts a search with the assistance of an ad hoc Search Committee. The appointment, as well as any subsequent reappointment, occurs in accordance with established University procedures, including notification to the Department Chairperson. Any full-time non-tenure-track faculty appointed to teach a foreign language at a Regional Campus is expected to participate in Departmental governance on an equal basis with Kent Campus non-tenure-track faculty and have an equal opportunity to represent this group on Standing Departmental Committees and appropriate ad hoc committees.