The Department encourages faculty to engage in all professional activity beyond the classroom which contributes to the mission of the Department. Some possibilities include:

  • Books and monographs of original research published by university presses or other peer-refereed publishers; chapters in books, likewise refereed; scholarly articles in refereed journals.
  • Translations (of books, poems, essays, chapters, or articles) accompanied by original scholarship in the form of a scholarly introduction, commentary, and/or notes, either as prefatory material or as a separate publication. The scholarly dimension of such a translation may also involve the establishment of an authentic text via comparison of manuscripts, editions, the construction of a stemma, the scholarly treatment of textual questions, etc.
  • Bibliographies published by university presses, professional scholarly organizations, or in peer-refereed journals. Such bibliographies, in order to be considered “scholarly,” must clearly demonstrate the author’s own scholarly contribution and mark an advancement in the discipline.
  • Textbook; edited book; journal editorship; book reviews.
  • Grants and awards received in recognition of scholarship; awards by external agencies which promote and recognize scholarly achievement; grants awarded to the Department or the University for the purpose of conducting seminars, institutes, workshops, etc. This does not include such grants as: travel; publication and offprint subvention institute stipends; UTC awards for travel, seminar participation, equipment, etc.