Student Evaluations of Instruction

General Principles Concerning the Evaluation and the Use of Results

Students in every class offered by the Department will evaluate their instructor near the end of each semester using a questionnaire provided by the University. This questionnaire includes questions developed by the Department. Not all questions apply to all courses, however; see below, paragraph C. In order to provide a basis for a meaningful comparison of results among similar courses, each class to be evaluated will belong to one of several norming groups. The Curriculum Committee will develop and periodically review a plan for the number and construction of these groups.

On the day of evaluation, the instructor will distribute the materials, select a student to collect them, and leave the room without further comment. The student will collect the materials, seal the questionnaires in the envelope provided, and deposit all materials promptly in the Department office.

Results of Student evaluations are part of the public record and may be used in reappointment, tenure and promotion decisions, performance evaluations for NTT faculty and part time faculty, evaluations for Faculty Excellence Awards, and other personnel evaluations as appropriate.

Directions to the Instructor for Administering the Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI)

1. The Student Evaluation of Instruction questionnaire is to be completed by students in your class during the last two weeks of each fall and spring semester and near the end of each summer session. It is NOT to be administered during the portion of the semester or summer session allotted for the final examination. Please follow any additional instructions from the Department Chairperson.

2. Set aside approximately 15 minutes of class time for this activity, and be sure to provide your students with No. 2 pencils from the Department office.

3. Unless the task has been assigned to another person, ask for a student volunteer from the class to administer the survey and return the packet and pencils to the Department office immediately afterward.

4. Write the section number and norming group indicated below on the board.

Section Number:       Norming Group:      

5. Distribute the questionnaires and pencils, and ask the students to complete the survey as accurately and honestly as possible.

6. Leave the room without further comment.