Summer Teaching Assignments

The Chair welcomes requests for summer teaching assignments from all full-time faculty members. Summer teaching cannot be guaranteed to any faculty member and most summer teaching assignments are for a partial load. The size, content, and staffing of summer courses are dictated by budgetary constraints and curricular needs. Within these requirements faculty members are offered summer teaching assignments on an annual rotation system. The department will endeavor to distribute summer teaching opportunities equitably among members of the bargaining unit without regard to academic rank. Faculty members may elect not to accept a summer assignment. See also CBA Article IX, Section 3.

Programmatic needs as determined by the functional units/sub-units and enrollment projections will constitute the primary factors governing decisions to offer courses in a language area. Enrollment and other appropriate data will inform decisions regarding the size and number of sections. On the basis of these criteria, Units will develop each fall a plan of course offerings for the following summer and submit it to the Department Chairperson; once approved, it will be entered on the Summer Schedule by the Assistant to the Chair.

The Department will request the College to grant the Assistant to the Chair six (6) hours of administrative summer appointment, and the Graduate Coordinator three (3) hours or administrative summer appointment and the “right of refusal” for teaching appointment. Other summer administrative appointments for Advising or other special needs may be requested of the College.

Priority of assignment for Summer teaching follows the parameters laid out in CBA, Article IX.

Faculty will be polled each September concerning their wish to teach during the following summer and their preference for specific sessions. To the extent that circumstances permit, these wishes will be taken into consideration in making teaching assignments. Those wishing to teach will be ranked in a descending order of priority which stands in inverse relation to their teaching load of the three (3) preceding summers (i.e., those who have taught least will rank highest and retain the “right of refusal” in this order, with each session considered separately).

The Chairperson will make individual summer teaching assignments, dividing upper-division and graduate courses among graduate faculty and lower-division courses among all faculty members.

Faculty will be informed of summer teaching assignments in writing as early as possible and will respond in writing in a timely manner indicating acceptance or refusal of the assignment. This written statement will inform the faculty member of the minimum number of students required to avoid cancellation of the course under University guidelines. Any reassignment due to course cancellation occurs at the discretion of the Departmental Chairperson.