Teaching/University Citizenship

a. Teaching/Advising

The following are examples of teaching excellence:

  • Positive student evaluation scores in relation to Departmental norms and by teaching awards or nominations.
  • Significant and major involvement in creating and developing new courses which meet the Department’s mission and address the expressed needs of Departmental initiatives.
  • Direction to completion of M.A. theses, honors theses, translation/pedagogy projects, individual investigations, and other individual supervision of students when such direction does not constitute a formal part of the faculty member’s workload.
  • Advising of students, advising in the PASS program, and serving as faculty advisor to student organizations.

b. University Citizenship

The following are examples of university citizenship:

  • Membership on Department, College, and University committees, including service (as determined by the FAC) on ad hoc committees, and the chairing of such committees.
  • Service as Departmental Coordinator, Assistant to the Chair, or Acting Chair, except when given workload equivalencies.
  • Activities in support of Departmental goals, such as director of study abroad programs, conference organizer, and other Departmental endeavors.
  • Community and professional service such as external referee or reviewer (e.g., refereeing for a journal or press, evaluating tenure/promotion candidates at other universities, agency panel reviewer, etc.), offices held in professional organizations, and service awards.