Undergraduate Coordinator

The Undergraduate Coordinator is appointed by the Chair after consultation with the FAC. The term of service is established by the Chair in consultation with the FAC, but may be terminated by the Chair, in his/her sole discretion. The Undergraduate Coordinator is responsible for recruitment, advising and data tracking for the Department's Baccalaureate and minor programs. The specific duties and responsibilities of the Undergraduate Coordinator are determined by the Chairperson in consultation with the FAC. The duties shall be specified in a departmental operating procedures document and referenced in the description of workload equivalents (see Section IV F. Faculty Workload and Workload Equivalents) contained in this handbook. The Undergraduate Coordinator has the right to resign from office at any point. In case of temporary absence (sabbatical, research leave, etc.), the Chair may designate an Interim Undergraduate Coordinator in consultation with the FAC.