Coordinator of Criminology and Criminal Justice Master's Degree

Position Description:  Coordinator of Criminology and Criminal Justice Master’s Degree

The coordinator of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Master’s Degree is charged with overseeing the operation of the program under the direction of the Chair and in consultation with the appropriate Sociology Department committees (FAC, GEC and CUSC) and with Graduate Faculty who teach in the program. The coordinator is appointed by the Chair after consultation with the FAC and the Graduate Faculty, and is nominated to run for election from the tenure-track members of the Graduate Faculty. The CCJ MA coordinator must be a tenured member of the Graduate Faculty and hold the rank of Associate Professor or Professor. The coordinator serves on the GEC.  The term of the elected position is two years, and the incumbent may be re-elected to a second term after review by the voting faculty and the Chair. The CCJ MA Coordinator plans and assists in the recruitment and admission of new graduate students and provides guidance to students admitted into the program; the Coordinator is also responsible for monitoring the academic performance of students in accordance with University policies and procedures. The CCJ MA Coordinator refers proposals for new graduate courses in the program to CUSC and serves as a Faculty liaison to the Office of Continuing and Distance Education and to any internal or external organizations or entities involved with online course delivery. Other specific duties and responsibilities of the Coordinator are determined by the Chairperson in consultation with the Graduate Faculty and FAC. The duties shall be specified in a letter of appointment and Departmental Operating Procedures Document and referenced in the description of workload equivalents contained in this handbook (see Faculty Workload and Workload Equivalents).