Coordinators of Undergraduate Studies

There is a Coordinator for the sociology undergraduate degree and a Coordinator for the criminology and justices studies undergraduate degree.  The Coordinators for Undergraduate Studies are nominated to run for election from the tenured membership of the faculty.  The term of the elected position is three years.  The incumbent may be re-elected for a second term.  The Coordinators are charged with supervising the academic program for undergraduates.  The Coordinators of Undergraduate Studies are responsible, with the Chairperson and the Coordinator of Graduate Studies, for planning the schedule of classes and the assignment of Faculty to undergraduate courses.  The Coordinators assure that adequate academic advising occurs, and serve as liaisons with the Dean’s designee.  The Coordinators develop those organizations or programs appropriate to enhance the undergraduate program and the progress of its students.  As needed, the Coordinators may, after consultation with the Chairperson, create ad hoc committees to discuss and cooperate in plans for the undergraduate program.