Criteria, Performance Expectations, and Procedures Relating to Faculty Excellence Awards

Faculty Excellence Awards are established pursuant to the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement. Procedures and timelines for determining Faculty Excellence Awards for any given year shall be conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost.

On Kent Campus, merit evaluations are conducted by the Departmental Chairperson and the FAC. The criteria to be used in the consideration of merit are to be prepared by the FAC, or a committee so designated by the Chairperson and the FAC. These criteria and their method for presentation must be published and available to Faculty for their consideration prior to preparing any merit file. Any criteria developed will correspond to and be responsive to University and CBA recommendations. The following are basic considerations for merit and form the minimum for consideration:

1. Merit for Scholarship: A listing of scholarly production for each Faculty member for the merit period will be evaluated in terms of quantity and quality. Refereed articles and papers, or invited papers are given greater weight than non-refereed "round table" presentations or other non-refereed items. Grant applications and funding are also reviewed. Following a ranking process of these data a judgment will be made as to how to distribute the research merit pool among the Faculty.

2. Merit for Teaching: Faculty claiming merit consideration for their teaching performance should provide SEI summaries for the merit period and new course development of major revisions of existing courses. Additional evidence of meritorious teaching includes but is not limited to teaching awards, other pedagogical development, etc.

3. Merit for Service: To be considered for merit for Service, Faculty members must present documentation as to their participation in Departmental, College, University, Discipline, and Community activity.

4. Merit Reconsideration: During the initial determination of merit allocations ten percent (10%) of the Department merit pool will be held back as the merit reconsideration reserve. After the initial allocations have been determined and announced, and any and all requests for reconsideration received and settled, all remaining funds in the reserve shall be distributed to merit recipients in an amount proportional to the initial merit award.