Curriculum and Undergraduate Studies Committee

The CUSC assists the CUSC Chair in supervising and coordinating the Department’s curricular programs.  The CUSC makes recommendations on any and all matters which affect the academic programs of the Department including but not limited to Faculty proposals for new courses, regional faculty requests to teach upper division courses, changes in course content, major requirements, and other curricular matters.  The CUSC reviews and decides student appeals regarding course substitution.  Any recommendations of the CUSC are forwarded to the Departmental Chairperson, although changes in policies regarding these matters shall be forwarded to the FAC for action.  Minutes from each meeting are to be filed in the Main Office and available to Faculty for review.

The CUSC shall elect one (1) member with full graduate Faculty status to serve on the College Curriculum Committee.  If no member of the CUSC has full graduate Faculty status, the candidate with full graduate Faculty status who had the next highest vote total in the election of the CUSC will serve as an additional CUSC member and as the Department’s representative to the College Curriculum Committee.  The CUSC consists of four elected full-time Faculty members.  Three of the members are elected from Faculty on the Kent Campus and one from the Regional Campuses.  Elections are held annually during Fall semester to facilitate the assignment of class schedules in the following year.  The term of CUSC members is two years beginning with the Fall term following their election.  No member of the CUSC may serve for more than two consecutive terms (four years).

In addition to elected Faculty/faculty members, part-time instructors may be represented on the committee as non-voting member.  Part-time and student representation shall be invited annually from the part-time cohort and from both the graduate and undergraduate student cohorts.