Department of Sociology-Faculty Excellence Award Submission Form

Name: ____________________________________

Complete each section below, using as much space as necessary.

I.    Evaluation of Scholarship

A.    Publications and Scholarly Creative Activity (Cite and classify [Tier I, Tier II, etc.] all scholarly works published or completed during the merit period)
1.    Articles

2.    Books

3.    Scholarly and creative work

B.    Grants and Contracts (Cite and classify [Tier I, Tier II, etc.] all grant or contract activity funded or submitted during the merit period)
1.    External Grant Activity

2.    Intramural Grant Activity

C.    Graduate Research Training (Classify and describe each grant or award)

D.    Presentations (Cite and classify each presentation)

E.    Research Acknowledgements and Awards

II.    Evaluation of Teaching
A.    Course evaluations (FAC will assign points based on SSI scores)

B.    Teaching Awards

C.    Mentoring Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

D.    Pedagogical Innovation

III.    Evaluation of University Service and Engagement

A.    Service to the Department

B.    Service to the College or University

C.    Service to the Discipline
1.    Leadership Positions

2.    General Service Positions

D.    Public Sociology

E.    Service Awards

F.   Other Service