Department of Sociology Non-Exploitation Policy

Policy on Non-Exploitation 

Members of the Department of Sociology at Kent State University do not exploit persons over whom they have direct or indirect supervisory, evaluative, or other authority such as students, supervisees, employees, or research participants.  Specifically, members of the department do not directly or indirectly supervise or exercise evaluative authority over any student with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationships. In accordance with ethical guidelines from professional organizations (ASA, ASC, ACJS, APA, etc.), members of the department should recognize that romantic or sexual relationships with individuals vulnerable to manipulation, such as current students in their programs or employees under their supervision, may create the appearance of, or opportunities for, favoritism and/or exploitation, and thus such relationships should be avoided. (Statement adapted from the ASA and ACJS Code of Ethic statements).


In the event that a person enters into a romantic or sexual relationship that is covered by the above policy it is their responsibility to disclose the relationship to the Department Chair. 


Failure to comply with this policy may result in discipline or dismissal according to the institutional rules and policies appropriate to the individuals involved. 


Policy Approved by FAC – March 20, 2015; Approved by the Faculty April 10, 2015