Graduate Education Committee

The GEC assists the Graduate Coordinator, who serves as the GEC chair, with the oversight and development of the Department’s graduate program.  The GEC reviews proposals for new graduate courses, changes in course content and related curricular matters, and conducts periodic reviews of the Department’s graduate program as a whole. The GEC is responsible for evaluating applications for admission, evaluating and recommending candidates for graduate appointments, and monitoring the progress and academic performance of graduate students in the Department.

The GEC is composed of four Faculty members with Graduate Faculty status, elected by the regular Faculty.  In addition, one student each from the masters and doctoral programs represent graduate students on this committee and have responsibility to vote on policy matters but not on personnel issues.  These student representatives are elected to office annually after a call by the Departmental Graduate Student Association.  Voting for representatives is open to all graduate students.  The GEC members are elected for two year terms on a rotating basis, and begin serving the Spring semester after the Fall election.