Graduate Research Training

Faculty may request research merit when their graduate students are successful in highly valued research activities.  Generally, training merit is allotted only in the following instances but faculty may request consideration when other significant student research achievement occurs.  These points are awarded in addition to those claimed in sections A and B.

a.    External dissertation grant (i.e., NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant, NIH Pre-doctoral National Research Award, NIJ Graduate Research Fellowship, Social Science Research Council etc.)
           Points: First/Sole: 60; Multiple: 40-20

b.    National dissertation/thesis award (i.e., ASA’s Dissertation Award, etc.)
           Points: First/Sole: 15; Multiple: 10 points

c.    Intramural dissertation/thesis grant (i.e., University Fellowship, etc.)
          Points: First/Sole: 10; Multiple: 5 points –Co-authored research publication (with student as first or second author) these are additional to points given for the publication itself.