Conference presentations are a useful indicator of sustained intellectual involvement and should reflect the life of a research project from initial stages to publication.  The maximum number of points awarded for presentation activity is 20.

1.    Academic Conference Presentations. Please include professional organization and faculty role.
    a.   Conference plenary speaker
           Points: 10 – recognizes “major” contribution
    b.   Invited Panel (i.e., Author meets critics, Special topics panel)
           Points: Presenter: 7; Author: 3 – recognizes “significant” contribution
c.    Presentation – Panel/Regular Session
            Points: Presenter 5; Author: 2
d.    Presentation -Roundtable
           Points: Presenter: 3: Author: 1– recognizes scholarly participation

2.    Academic, Community and Organization Presentations.
    a.   Plenary speaker
           Points: 7
    b.   Invited talks
           Points: 3 points
b.    Colloquium or brown bag
            Points: 1 point