Publications and Scholarly Creative Activity

1.   Journal Articles.  The FAC will evaluate the quality of the journal by taking into account its reputation, acceptance/rejection rates, 5 year average of impact scores, availability/size of audience or subscription base, reputation of editors/editorial board, and reputation of authors publishing in the journal.  Journals with impact scores in the top third of journals in the field of sociology or criminology/criminal justice will be considered Tier I.  For sub-fields the candidate will present the 5 year average impact scores for the comparable journals and the top third of those journals will be considered Tier I. (Five year impact scores can be obtained by going to the Journal Citation Reports link at the KSU Library Database.  The url is:

Tier I.     Articles in top peer-reviewed journals

           Points: First/Sole Author: 50; Multiple Authors: 40-20

Tier II.    Articles in second tier peer-reviewed Journals

           Points: First/Sole Author: 40; Multiple Authors: 30-15

2.   Book Chapters.  The FAC will evaluate the quality of the chapter.  In order to evaluate the quality of the chapter the applicant should provide as much detail as possible including information about the reputation and prestige of the press, editors, selection process, critical reception of the book, etc.

          Points: First/Sole Author: 40-10; Multiple Authors: 20-5

3.   Other publications (commissioned reports, encyclopedia entries, etc.)

             Points: First/Sole Author10-5; Multiple Authors: 5-2

4.   Books.  Books will be evaluated on the following criteria:  whether books are peer-reviewed by substantive experts, whether the press is a university press publishing for an academic audience, the general reputation of the publisher, the qualifications of the editor, and the reputation of authors publishing with the press.  Generally, books will receive different valuations based on their substantive purpose (ranked below):

a.   Original manuscripts
Tier I:  Tier I university/non-university press
           Points: First/Sole Author: 200; Multiple Authors: 160-80
Tier II: Non-Tier I university/non-university press
           Points: First/Sole Author: 160; Multiple Authors: 120-60
b.   Edited collections
           Points: First/Sole Editor: 75; Multiple Editors: 50-25
c.   Textbooks .
          Points: First/Sole Author: 50; Multiple Authors: 25
d.   New textbook editions
           Points: First/Sole Author: 15; Multiple Authors: 10

5.         Scholarly creative work
Scholarly creative work
a.   Films [assessment:  external reviews, festival placement, reputable cable dissemination (i.e., PBS, History Channel, etc.). Points will be allocated for films shown for the first time in the merit period.
           Points: First/Sole: 100-25; Multiple: 75-15 (Points assigned based on quality of the outlet)