Regional Campus Faculty

A.  Procedures and regulations for promotion and tenure of Regional Campus Faculty are covered in Section V of this document.

B.  Teaching assignments, load, and salary determinations are the responsibility of the Regional Campus Deans.

C.  It is recognized that while Regional Campus Faculty hold their appointments specifically in the Regional Campus system, they are also regular members of their respective Departments and Colleges and will be represented on key Departmental committees, such as, but not limited to, the FAC, Search Committees, the Promotions and Tenure Committee, and the Curriculum Committee.

D.  Regional Campus Faculty members report to the Dean of the Regional Campus and are accountable to him/her in all matters except those pertaining to course content and method of instruction.  The Departmental Chairperson, in consultation with appropriate committees and the FAC, stipulates particular courses that Faculty will be approved to teach.

E.  The Departmental Chairperson participates in recruitment and acts on recommendation for appointments of Regional Campus Faculty candidates.