Research Acknowledgements and Awards

In addition to acknowledging the excellent scholarship of our faculty, awards bring prestige to the department and university.  As such, they are highly valued items.

a.    International or National Association Research Award
(E.g. ASA W.E.B. Distinguished Scholarship Award, ASC Thorsten Sellin & Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck Award, ASC Michael J. Hindelang Award )
            Points: 200
b.   International or National Association Disciplinary Research Career Award
(E.g. ASA Social Psychology Section Cooley-Mead Award,  ASC Division on Women and Crime Distinguished Scholar Award, ASC Division of International Criminology Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award): Points: 100
c.   International or National Association Disciplinary Research Award
(E.g. ASA Emotion’s Distinguished Book Award)
           Points: 50
b.    Regional Research Awards (i.e., NCSA’s Distinguished Book Award)
           Points: 25
c.    University Research Award
       Points: 15
d.    College Research Award
       Points: 10