Administrative Organization

The East Liverpool Campus of Kent State University exists as part of the Regional Campus System of Kent State University. The Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the East Liverpool campus reports to the Vice President of System Integration of the University. The following are the chief operating officers at the Campus serving East Liverpool.

The Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer is the chief administrative officer and is responsible for all operations at the East Liverpool Campus. The Dean and Chief Administrative Officer directs and supervises the Campus in policy, budget and program planning. The Dean is responsible for academic policies and procedures; supervises all faculty and non-academic personnel and staffing activities; and is ultimately responsible for instruction, student welfare, and community relations. To assist the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer in these responsibilities the Dean has an Associate/Assistant Dean, Director of Enrollment Management and Student Services, Business Administrator, and various other positions which may change from time to time.

The Associate/Assistant Dean is the academic officer for the campus. The Associate/Assistant Dean has the responsibility for overseeing and implementing academic programs, new course and program development working closely with the Faculty Instructional Affairs Committee; working with the Faculty Academic Affairs Committee in determining faculty workload, workload reductions and hiring; scheduling of courses; distributing, collecting and evaluating the student evaluations of instruction materials; being a liaison with the Kent Campus departments and chairpersons on routine academic matters; and generally fostering the academic welfare of the campus and faculty.

The Director of Enrollment Management and Student Services oversees admissions, recruitment, student advising, and all other services related to the student population for the Columbiana County Campuses.

The primary responsibility of the Budget Manager is to direct and document expenditures for the purpose of providing the campus dean with the support to maximize the use of funds and/or ensure overall operations are within approved budgets. The Business Manager prepares a wide variety of materials and is responsible for implementing fiscal policy and budgeting.

The Senior Facility Manager oversees all matters concerning maintenance, safety, and security for the Columbiana County Campuses.