Advisory Board

The East Liverpool Campus Advisory Board, composed of fourteen community members, advises the East Liverpool Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer who serves as an Ex-Officio member. Members are nominated by the Board, after consultation with the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer. From the list of the nominees, the Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer makes recommendations to the University President. Faculty Council should name a faculty representative to attend meetings when invited. All appointments to the Advisory Board are made by the President of the University upon the recommendation of the Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer. 

This group serves to identify local needs that can be served by the Campus. Its members are instrumental in areas such as obtaining funds for programs and scholarships and securing public understanding of and support for higher education in the East Liverpool area. Meetings of the Advisory Board are held monthly during the academic year.

The stated purposes of the Advisory Board are:

  • to represent the interests of both the local community and Kent State University in the overall development of higher educational programs in the East Liverpool area;
  • to communicate the role and mission of the Campus to the community;
  • to promote the goals and objectives of both the Campus and the University;
  • to assist in the development of those resources necessary for the Campus to carry out its educational mission, especially the financial resources necessary to meet the ever-increasing costs of higher education;
  • to provide political, educational and any other assistance it deems appropriate for the Campus and the University to accomplish their educational objectives to articulate the cultural aspects of the Campus and the community.