Class Management

The following items are seen as minimal expectations of any college instructor. For the most part they involve actions and procedures easily undertaken and readily assessable.

  1. Regular and reasonable office hours consistent with the university policy and the needs of students.
  2. Provision of syllabus including, but not limited to, the following:
  3. a statement on course objectives and expectations,
  4. a general calendar indicating the substance and sequence of the course and important dates and deadlines, and
  5. a clear statement of grading policy and grade weighting.
  6. office hours, including online office hours.
  7. Punctuality in starting/ending classes.
  8. Reasonable notification of and provision for faculty absence.
  9. Adequate notification of assignments, examinations, and changes in syllabus.
  10. Provision of reasonable make-up procedures for legitimately missed exams or other graded work.
  11. Evaluation of work with adequate and constructive comments written on the students' papers or orally to the whole class as is appropriate to the character of the test or assignment.
  12. Evaluation of work within a reasonable time frame that allows the student to benefit from the instructor's comments prior to the next assignment.