Contractual Obligation

There are certain contractual expectations that faculty must meet:

  • Meeting Classes: Faculty members shall meet their classes and conduct final examinations at scheduled times. The Dean and Chief Administrative Officer or designee must approve changes in listed class times and room assignments. You should report all absences to the Dean's Office.
  • Personal Illness or Emergencies: Classes missed due to illness or personal emergency should be recorded on the appropriate form as soon as the faculty member returns to campus.
  • Professional Conference Participation: Participation in conferences is an important facet of a scholar’s professional growth. However, it should not be done at the expense of student instruction; nor should classes be cancelled to attend conferences unless absolutely necessary. Coverage for missed classes should be arranged if possible. This may mean that conferences of more than a week or multiple conferences within one semester might be discouraged. Travel to conferences and professional meetings should be cleared in advance with the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the Columbiana County Campuses.
  • Faculty Professional Travel Policy: At the beginning of the academic year, the chief financial officer at the campus shall notify all FTT faculty regarding the available funds for travel during the academic year and the amount available to all FTT faculty wishing to travel.   FTT faculty wishing to travel must follow all pertinent university guidelines (e.g., completing faculty travel authorization forms to be submitted to the Campus Dean and CAO). FTT faculty are also encouraged to pursue other venues supporting faculty travel (such as the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs RAGS and the University Teaching Council).
  • Personal Leaves of Absence: There are many legitimate reasons why a faculty member may request a leave-of-absence, e.g., court duty, military service, pregnancy, illness, temporary disability, research, graduate study, or travel. Most of these leaves are acquired without pay. Special circumstances govern each category of leave. As an example, the university will pay a faculty member full salary if he/she is subpoenaed to attend court as a witness or for jury duty by the United States or State of Ohio. 
  • Military Leaves-of-Absence can also be requested, as described in the University Policy Register.
  • Faculty Development: A variety of programs are available through the university, including travel grants, grants to conduct research, during the summer or academic year, etc., which may require faculty to miss all or part of the semester. Special arrangements must be made with the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the Columbiana County campuses for a faculty member to go forward with such awards.