The candidate’s scholarly activities will be evaluated based on the quality and quantity in each discipline.  

1.  Excellence in research and creative activity/scholarship including but not limited to:

  • Receipt of competitive research funds
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Published books or chapter(s) in books with International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
  • Organizing workshops at professional meetings/conferences within the field of expertise
  • Act as chair, session chair at research conference
  • Juried presentations/workshops
  • Invitations to present papers/performances at national, international professional meetings/conferences
  • Presentations of papers, panels, workshops at professional meetings/conferences
  • Proposals submitted for new research/creative ideas/methods/pathways
  • Involvement in student research activities
  • Creative activities such as exhibits and artistic performances

2.   Excellence in teaching including but not limited to:

  • Developing teaching-related publications and presentations
  • Demonstrating efforts to keep current in pedagogy
  • Demonstrating efforts to keep current in the area of expertise
  • Excellent student evaluation
  • Involvement in student’s presentation, publication, and career development
  • Developing new curricula

3.   Excellence in service/university citizenship including but not limited to:

  • Active involvement in campus events/affair
  • Serving the committees at the campus, the department and the university levels
  • Involvement in student recruitment and retention
  • Outreaches for the campus, the department and the university
  • Enhance the recognition of Kent State University at East Liverpool
  • Reviewing journal articles, books, book chapters, and funding proposals
  • Serving as Editor/editorial board

4.   Self-evaluation and peer-evaluation:

  • A faculty’s performance in each category—research/creative activity/scholarship, teaching, and service/university citizenship—can be evaluated using a four-rank scale of excellent, significant, satisfactory, and deficient.
  • The candidate may self-assign rank scale in each category and provides brief explanation in the application.
  • Each tenured and tenure track faculty member can assign the candidate’s rank scale in each category.
  • The FC chair will summary the result from self-assign and peer-evaluation for each candidate and report the result to the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer.