Criteria, Performance Expectations, and Department/School Procedures Relating to Faculty Excellence Awards

  1. General Principles

    Faculty Excellence Awards (FEA) are established based on Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and the guidelines have been issued by the Office of the Provost of the Kent State University. FEA enable full time tenured and tenure Track (TT) faculty to receive merit pay individually upon base salary based on their recognition in scholarship of (1) research/creative activity, (2) teaching, and (3) service.

  2. Procedures

    (1) Each full time tenured and TT faculty may apply for each awards as stated above by submitting a document with summary of the activities for the period specified in the CBA to the Faculty Council (FC) Chair of East Liverpool campus.

    (2) The FC chair will distribute the documents to all tenured and tenure track faculty members in East Liverpool campus who will review the documents and submit recommendation back to the FC Chair.

    (3) The FC Chair will process the excellence level of each candidate and inform the East Liverpool Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer. Based on peer reviews and the Dean’s academic judgement, the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer will make recommendation of merit allocation to the Provost and report the results to the FC of East Liverpool Campus.

  3. Criteria

    The candidate’s scholarly activities will be evaluated based on the quality and quantity in each discipline.  

    1.  Excellence in research and creative activity/scholarship including but not limited to:

    • Receipt of competitive research funds
    • Peer-reviewed publications
    • Published books or chapter(s) in books with International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
    • Organizing workshops at professional meetings/conferences within the field of expertise
    • Act as chair, session chair at research conference
    • Juried presentations/workshops
    • Invitations to present papers/performances at national, international professional meetings/conferences
    • Presentations of papers, panels, workshops at professional meetings/conferences
    • Proposals submitted for new research/creative ideas/methods/pathways
    • Involvement in student research activities
    • Creative activities such as exhibits and artistic performances

    2.   Excellence in teaching including but not limited to:

    • Developing teaching-related publications and presentations
    • Demonstrating efforts to keep current in pedagogy
    • Demonstrating efforts to keep current in the area of expertise
    • Excellent student evaluation
    • Involvement in student’s presentation, publication, and career development
    • Developing new curricula

    3.   Excellence in service/university citizenship including but not limited to:

    • Active involvement in campus events/affair
    • Serving the committees at the campus, the department and the university levels
    • Involvement in student recruitment and retention
    • Outreaches for the campus, the department and the university
    • Enhance the recognition of Kent State University at East Liverpool
    • Reviewing journal articles, books, book chapters, and funding proposals
    • Serving as Editor/editorial board

    4.   Self-evaluation and peer-evaluation:

    • A faculty’s performance in each category—research/creative activity/scholarship, teaching, and service/university citizenship—can be evaluated using a four-rank scale of excellent, significant, satisfactory, and deficient.
    • The candidate may self-assign rank scale in each category and provides brief explanation in the application.
    • Each tenured and tenure track faculty member can assign the candidate’s rank scale in each category.
    • The FC chair will summary the result from self-assign and peer-evaluation for each candidate and report the result to the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer.
  4. Appeal

    In case of disagreement, the concerned faculty may submit an appeal to the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer. The Dean and Chief Administrative Officer will inform the FC chair who may call a special FC meeting to discuss the issue. The FC chair will inform the vote to the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer.