Diversity Commitment

Kent State University is pledged to making all of its campuses inclusive, diverse, and free from discrimination. The University’s equal-opportunity policies extend to every aspect of employment, academics, and student-life. No unlawful discrimination in employment, admissions, academic programs, recruiting, financial aid, or social, recreational and health programs is permissible or tolerated.

The Office of Compliance, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) is the principal agency responsible for implementing fairness and good-faith practices across the University. This goal is defined in detail in the Affirmative Action Plan of Kent State University, which is updated and republished from time to time. Individual faculty members are encouraged to contact either the Office of Affirmative Action on the Kent Campus or the Kent East Liverpool Campus Affirmative Action Facilitator at any time if they need information regarding their rights, or if they wish to learn about procedures available to resolve concerns or complaints.