Faculty at the East Liverpool Campus are committed to teaching, professional development, and university and community citizenship. As appropriate for a regional campus, the faculty place more emphasis on effective teaching, a primary goal of the Campus; in addition, faculty engage in active scholarship, which is essential to quality teaching and professional development. Faculty also are expected to provide service in a variety of areas. University citizenship can include service to: the University; college, department and/or school; East Liverpool Campus; and East Liverpool area community service. All full-time faculty at the East Liverpool Campus relate to the general governance of the University by service on various Kent Campus bodies. These may include: the Faculty Senate; department, school, or college Faculty Advisory Committees; Promotion, Reappointment and Tenure Committees; Curricular Committees, ad hoc committees and various departmental and collegial committees.

Faculty members report to the East Liverpool Campus Associate/Assistant Dean and are directly accountable to the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer in all matters, except those pertaining to course content and mode of instruction. Primary responsibility for which rests with the Kent Campus department or school or the Regional College.