Faculty Governance

Local campus faculty are governed by the Faculty Council (FC) as set forth in its Constitution. The FC is composed of all full-time faculty and one elected part-time faculty representative whose designated resident campus is East Liverpool. The FC meets during the semester to discuss faculty concerns, curricular matters, and local campus, Regional Campus, and University issues. This council is also ultimately responsible for approving the creation of all ad hoc or standing faculty committees. The executive officers of the Faculty Council, the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and FC Secretary represent the FC membership at meetings and in consultation with the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer and at the joint Faculty-Administrative Executive Committee meetings. The Faculty Council abides by the East Liverpool Campus Faculty Council Constitution for its rules, regulations, and authority.

The FC shall consider and advise the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer on all academic matters which include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • issues concerning reappointment, tenure, and promotion, and dismissal of resident faculty of the campus;
  • appointment of new resident faculty, including issues of rank and salary parameters;
  • review of full-time non-tenure faculty assigned to the campus;
  • allocation or reallocation of faculty positions and academic staff positions, including new and vacant positions;
  • campus program development, restructuring, and/or discontinuance;
  • evaluations relating to faculty salary increases and other salary adjustments, when and if applicable;
  • campus planning and budget priorities, including review of requests for new funding in support of academic programs and allocation of discretionary resources;
  • selection and structure of campus-wide committees, including search committees;
  • issues related to teaching assignments and class schedules including appropriate application of workload equivalencies;
  • faculty professional improvement, research, and other leaves;
  • procedures for the establishment review and appropriate revision of the campus handbook;
  • issues related to the advising and retention of students;
  • insuring that instructional standards are followed; and
  • insuring that class and other duties of faculty members are met.

The above duties may be delegated to other campus committees or to the chair of the FC, either by provision of the campus handbook or by specific recorded action of the full campus faculty or by the FC.