Faculty Ranks

Regular Full-time Tenure Track/ Tenured Faculty Ranks.

Kent State University at East Liverpool follows the University’s policy with respect to faculty rank as set forth in the University Policy Register. Depending on the level of an individual full-time faculty member’s credentials, qualifications and experience, he or she will occupy one of the following ranks: (i) Instructor, (ii) Assistant Professor, (iii) Associate Professor, and (iv) Professor. Tenure-track appointments for new faculty members typically begin at the Assistant level, depending upon a new hire’s credentials and the negotiations that occur at the time of hire. A definition of tenure, a discussion of the initial probationary period, and the procedures for the granting of tenure are included in the documents “University Policy and Procedures Regarding Faculty Reappointment” and “University Policy Regarding Faculty Tenure,” which can be found in the University Policy Register. For regular full-time faculty, assignment or advancement to these ranks normally occurs by promotion, or upon initial appointment when specific criteria are met. For more details, see “University Policy Regarding Faculty Promotion” in the University Policy Register.

Full-time Non-tenure-track (NTT) Appointments.

Regular Full-time Non-tenure track, NTT appointments follow University rules as set forth in the University Policy Register and the Non-tenure-track Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Typically, the teaching load for a full-time NTT faculty member on an instructional tract appointment and assignments shall constitute the (15) credit hour per semester workload, thirty (30) for the academic year, established by the university workload/teaching load policy referenced in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Depending on the level of an individual full-time faculty member’s credentials, qualifications and experience, he or she will occupy one of the following ranks:  Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer/Professor.  NTT faculty members completing the third year of a three-year term of annually renewable appointments must undergo a full performance review as a prerequisite for subsequent appointment as do those in their sixth year. (Non-tenure-track Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article X, Section 5-7). The formal review continues into the ninth year during which a less formal review takes place. Other responsibilities and expectations of NTT faculty members in the Regional Campus System may be found in the Regional Campus Handbook.

Temporary Faculty: Adjunct, Part-time and Visiting Faculty.

The Regional Campus System maintains contractual relationships with temporary faculty, contingent upon certain conditions, limitations, and policies, and consistent with the University Policy Register and the Collective Bargaining Agreements.  Temporary faculty members at Kent State University at East Liverpool play an important role in fulfilling its teaching mission. They are accorded the same academic freedom in the classroom as regular faculty, and temporary faculty members are encouraged to become involved in the East Liverpool campus community, to the extent possible. Temporary appointments are ordinarily for one year or for one semester. No implication of reappointment is intended. Temporary appointees are not covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreements. 

Service as a temporary appointee is not applicable toward tenure, promotion in rank, or similar faculty professional advancements. There is no institutional obligation beyond the period of the temporary appointment. Any number of consecutive years of service is a disconnected sequence of discrete appointments. If a department wishes to appoint a temporary person with rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor, that appointment should be prefaced by "Visiting." Visiting faculty members generally enjoy the same academic rights and privileges as other regular Kent State University faculty members. However, they do not enjoy the same rights of participation in University decision-making as do Kent State University regular faculty members and are ineligible for elections to the various East Liverpool Campus faculty committees and councils.

Temporary faculty at Kent State University at East Liverpool are reviewed at least once annually by the Associate/Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs or by the program coordinator in their teaching area. Classroom performance is weighted most heavily in such reviews.

Further academic ranks of the University are outlined within the University Policy Register.