Kent State University at East Liverpool Campus Criteria for NTT Faculty Three-Year, Six-Year, and Nine-Year Performance Reviews

For full-time, non-tenure track teaching faculty members (NTT faculty), classroom instruction is the principal responsibility. The primary concern of NTT faculty in the three-year, six year, and nine-year performance reviews is the quality of their teaching. Criteria for teaching excellence will include the fulfillment of the following expectations. NTT faculty members:

  1. should be professional in the classroom, maintain order, and conduct class in a climate of civility and respect,
  2. should use the complete class time for instruction,
  3. should apply appropriate teaching techniques for a given course, depending upon class size and discipline,
  4. should remain current in the pedagogical theory of their disciplines and experiment with innovations in classroom teaching,
  5. should provide students and units with a syllabus that follows University procedures & guidelines.
  6. should evaluate student performance on a regular basis, and report grades in a timely manner according to University policy,
  7. should accommodate students with disabilities according to University and Federal and local policies,
  8. should receive satisfactory student evaluations from the approved evaluation measure.
  9. have a minimum of one per academic year peer review of their teaching.