The load-hour equivalents shall include but are not limited to:



FC Chair

3.0 hours / semester

Instructional Service

[supervision of student interns; supervision of individual investigation students; thesis/dissertation direction; graduate faculty responsibilities]

May receive up to 3 hours / semester

Lab Preparation

Faculty members prepping their own labs may receive load equivalency consistent with departmental policies and guidelines.

Program Development

[new course development; major renovation of course; excessive number of new course preparations; program development; conversion of face-to-face course to distance learning]


1.0 – 12.0 hours / semester


The development of a 3 credit hour course typically results in an equivalency of 3.0 hours / semester.

Converting a 3 credit hour course to distance learning format typically results in an equivalency of 3.0 hours / semester.

Administrative Services

Coordinator/Program Director


Coordinators / Directors of Programs such as Accounting Technology, Computer Technology, English, Justice Studies and Criminology, and Psychology typically receive 3 hours / semester for their service. May vary depending on program size and responsibilities.


Other Administrative Services

Other administrative service to the Campus, College or University beyond Program Coordinator / Director

1.0 – 12.0 hours / semester

Professional Development

[research load equivalency or leave; technical professional development]

1.0 – 12.0 hours / semester