Mission and Objectives

  1. University Vision

    To be a community of change agents whose collective commitment to learning sparks epic thinking, meaningful voice and invaluable outcomes to better our society.


    We transform lives and communities through the power of discovery, learning and creative expression in an inclusive environment.

  2. University Core Values


    • A distinctive blend of teaching, research and creative excellence
    • Active inquiry and discovery that expands knowledge and human understanding
    • Life-changing educational experiences for students with wide-ranging talents and aspirations
    • A living-learning environment that creates a genuine sense of place
    • Engagement that inspires positive change
    • Diversity of culture, beliefs, identity and thought
    • Freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas
    • A collaborative community
    • Respect, kindness and purpose in all we do
  3. Priorities and University-Level Initiatives


    Provide an inclusive and engaged living-learning environment where all students thrive and graduate as informed citizens committed to a life of impact

    Initiative 1.1: Enhance and expand student success programs systemwide to improve retention and graduation rates

    Initiative 1.2: Adopt a student engagement strategy that enhances learning through increased participation in high-impact experiences

    Initiative 1.3: Align the undergraduate educational experience to focus on purposeful and essential learning outcomes

    Initiative 1.4: Strengthen diversity and the cultural competence of students, faculty and staff systemwide



    Drive innovation, idea generation and national distinction through top-tier academic and research programs including the recruitment and support of talented faculty and staff

    Initiative 2.1: Build a culture of research and innovation

    Initiative 2.2: Identify, communicate and enhance support for prominent academic programs

    Initiative 2.3: Implement a “Great Place Initiative” that prioritizes attention to the diverse human element of the university

    Initiative 2.4: Tell Kent State University’s compelling story through execution of a national strategic communications plan



    Advance Kent State’s impact and reach as a leading international university

    Initiative 3.1: Increase enrollment of international students and enhance their engagement in campus life

    Initiative 3.2: Enhance the internationalization of the university through programmatic and partnership engagement



    Serve as the innovative engine and engaged partner to meet community needs and enhance quality of life in the region and state

    Initiative 4.1: Create a systemwide cross-sector educational partnership to strengthen the pre-kindergarten to postsecondary pipeline

    Initiative 4.2: Enhance and advance, systemwide, university/community engagement efforts

    Initiative 4.3: Expand and align strategic corporate partnerships systemwide.



    Ensure a culture of continuous improvement and the efficient stewardship of university resources and infrastructure

    Initiative 5.1: Create a healthy campus initiative that prioritizes the health and wellness of students, faculty and staff

    Initiative 5.2: Build alumni and philanthropic engagement commensurate with national peer institutions

    Initiative 5.3: Establish a culture of sustainability and continuous improvement

  4. Kent State's Eight-Campus System

    Kent State University is one of the largest regional systems in the nation, offering programs from computer technology and nursing to arts and humanities. Regional Campus students gain the advantage of attending a distinguished university in Ohio with the friendly, casual atmosphere of small liberal arts colleges. Students can choose from 40 associate degrees at seven campuses, where they can begin coursework toward any of Kent State’s more than 282 bachelor’s degrees. Small class sizes, affordable tuition and one-on-one advising are just a few reasons why more than 12,000 students attend Kent State’s Regional Campuses. Kent State Regional Campuses are not only major employers within their communities, but also centers of culture, education and outreach.


  5. East Liverpool Campus Mission Statement

    Kent State University East Liverpool Campus, an open admission campus, provides high quality credit and non-credit courses and educational programs, career preparation, stimulation of critical thinking, and enhancement of creative and educational activity. Located in the Appalachian region, this campus also serves as a cultural center, thereby enhancing the quality of life. Educational opportunities and programs provide insight into local cultures, and increase understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the region. Although regionally unique, Kent State East Liverpool shares the eight-campus mission which is to advance knowledge and creative activity, and to further the fulfillment of key societal goals.

  6. East Liverpool Campus Objectives

    The primary concern of the East Liverpool Campus is the student. As set forth in the Constitution of Kent State University.

    The University's primary concern is the student, it endeavors to provide the academic atmosphere, the human association and the discipline vital to the student's sound intellectual growth and character development. The various programs of curricular and extracurricular activities are designed to stimulate curiosity, broaden perspective, enrich awareness, deepen understanding, establish disciplined habits of thought, provide preparation for a vocation and help in realizing the potential of students as individuals and informed members of society.

    The East Liverpool Campus remains dedicated to the goals of Kent State University and the Regional Campuses, as set forth by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. This includes offering quality instruction in the baccalaureate program, including Kent Core courses, associate degree programs, technical programs leading to an associate degree, selected baccalaureate degrees, upper division and graduate resident credit courses, and continuing studies/workforce development.

    The Regional Campuses are also expected to meet the special needs of the communities served, to the extent that resources permit. Within these general parameters, the East Liverpool Campus has established and has been implementing the following specific goals and objectives:

    • To offer sufficient coursework so that any student may complete specific Associate Degree technical programs which meet Ohio Department of Higher Education and Kent State University standards.
    • To offer baccalaureate courses leading to the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science Degrees in General Studies; and to include selected upper division and graduate courses leading to various baccalaureate and graduate degrees.
    • To offer select baccalaureate programs at the Columbiana County Campuses.
        • To offer selected upper-division and graduate courses to the extent that local demand, physical resources, and Ohio Department of Higher Education criteria allow. The courses offered depend on student and community needs and Board of Regents approval.
    • To make available select technical courses, which do not lead to technical associate degrees awarded by this campus, but which meet student and community needs. Each semester the East Liverpool Campus offers courses to meet the individual needs of students or community members who wish to add to their specific knowledge or who wish simply to improve their job value or to be re-trained.
    • To offer non-credit courses/workshops/seminars in response to local needs, coordinating local resources and the resources of the University.
    • To provide an academic skills assessment program, basic skills courses, and tutorials at the East Liverpool Campus.
    • To encourage and promote faculty research and professional development.