Promotion Review

The Provost, initiating the promotion process, identifies those faculty eligible for promotion review and notifies appropriate departmental chairs and Regional Campus Deans. The Departmental/School/College FAC will formalize the list of potential candidates for promotion by a simple majority vote. The departmental chair then notifies the candidate that he/she has been nominated for promotion. This notification will take place during the Spring Semester, for consideration of promotion during the following academic year. This nomination does not confer favor or approval of the candidate, but only serves as notification. Faculty also may self-nominate or have their names entered by other faculty. Individual faculty have the right to remove their names from candidacy. All faculty nominees have the responsibility of providing all information pertinent to the nomination.

Although promotion may be granted at any time, as recognition of outstanding performance, there are conventional expectations of years of service. Promotion sought prior to the conventional expectation to a particular rank is considered early promotion. Early promotion is unusual and is granted only under compelling and/or extraordinary circumstances.

Regional Campus faculty nominees for promotion are to provide an electronic file of evidence. The file is to be reviewed with the candidate and the department chair/school director/college dean for completeness. The candidate and the chair must both digitally sign the Certification of File Completeness, and one copy of the file is sent to the Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer.

The process for the review of those candidates to be considered for promotion is the same as for tenure and reappointment, with the following exceptions:

    1.   Candidates for promotion will be assessed by those who hold the rank for which they are applying or a higher one.
    2.   The faculty discussion about those who have applied for promotion will be limited to those who hold the rank or higher.
    3.   Promotion review to full professor requires that three letters from outside reviewers be added to the promotion file. These letters are solicited by the Chair of the Department/School Director/College Dean, from names submitted by the candidate. Copies are placed in the electronic FlashFolio. Also in compliance with the voting procedures, the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the Regional Campus may ask for approval of the Provost to augment the Promotion Committee to bring the voting membership to four or more.
    4.   The Faculty Council Chair, regardless of his/her rank, will summarize the recommendations from the faculty who evaluated the candidates and send the summary to the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer and to the Department Chair/School Director/College Dean, along with a letter to the candidate, and the Provost.